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Content is King (…and We’re All Feudal Serfs)

My how time flies…

Another year, another reiteration (read: plethora of abject failures.)


Actual footage of me updating my “web presence.”

We live in a fascinating time where there is no excuse to not have your own interweb page; however, by and large most of us have no business really having one. It is… a conundrum.

Really what is the point? We rely on social media hubs for the safety and convenience of accessing the diversions we crave… one option is to use our digital soapboxes to fake it and play up minor victories. The other is to showcase a portfolio. So, let’s keep this short and pointless… Not sure what to do with this redesign.

If I wait for “news” and announcements, this’ll be a pretty quiet place. If I “blog” there is a good chance my wild oscillations will be far too meandering and frenetic to follow.

So we’ll see. Gimme a day or two to think this through.