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Professional proficiencies that cover a wide variety of wide variety of responsibilities and industries.

When I started, I developed a habit for raising my hand. Without experience, much formal education, resources or connections, the one thing I’ve had control over is my ability to volunteer and endure discomfort. In other words, I would do whatever was needed to get my foot in the door.

Fighting fires, herding cats and loving risk, communication and calendar management led me to join the Project Management Institute as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®. While leveraging my interests and passion for learning, I found a love for program management and slowly earned a slowly won degree in Computer Science.

As a Senior Technical Program Manager, my focus is frontend/headless project coordination, and currently own product communications and reporting at Recurrent Ventures.


I’m a verified superforecaster working on contract with Good Judgement. We specialize in current events and geopolitcal issues.

Technical integrations and being a cross-functional translator brought me into the realm of programming (of which, I am decidedly a dilettante.)
The beauty of it is that in learning the basics, I’ve been able to play with so many left-field ideas on my own terms. My foundation in print and web design gave my my foundation in HTML and CSS starting in junior high. Now with Python (everyone loves Python,) I can play with automation in ways that are probably only exciting to me. For instance, I built a forecasting tool that leverages wisdom of the crowd to experiment with “extremizing” consensus sentiments.

For years, it felt like having broad and varied interests was a detriment in a world where so many people are highly skilled in specific disciplines. As it turns out, bringing your whole self to life brings great strength and unexpected dynamics to all you do.

I started as a creative and still follow that impulse: from time as a professional musician, graphic design, work in fashion and theatrical training. All this has brought national touring, a stint working for Motown, as well as excellent representation.

At this point in my life, my core group of buddies and I have a passion for distilling, winemaking and our yearly camping trip (12 years and counting.)

Staying Productive